Short black hair, tall, thin and kinda lanky, commonly wears a black pin striped hat.


Jareds arm was mutated by the meteors radiation, causing it to turn red and had red scar-like leathery skin that ended in a clawed hand

Powers the hand has granted Jared

  • super strength limited to that arm
  • the ability to manipulate object from a distance with some type of red energy (like telekinesis)
  • the arm has a super level of regeneration, it also seems to grant the rest of his body a smaller level of regeneration
  • the arm is extremely durable having skin like metal.
  • the arm seems to have a mind of its own and helps to protect jared by moving to block attacks faster than jared can.
  • when the arm touches another living sentient creature it wracks their body with pain and seems to steal some of their thoughts as it does
  • Jared has had fits of paranoia, thinking that the arm speaks to him, he is deathly afraid of this and often doesnt sleep thinking it will try to control him.

Jared was at his mothers house when the meteors hit and not with the rest of the group, jared was almost directly hit by not a whole meteor but a shard that seemed to have broken off, this shard was still enough to grant jared his powers.


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