Bryan is a 26 year old man, 6'2" tall, has thining black hair, blue eyes and a large build


Powers: Bestial Form
Bryan can change into a bestial warrior granting him…

  • super strength able to lift a ton
  • enhanced speed up to 70mph
  • regeneration factor, when the moon is out he heals even faster
  • enhanced senses
  • natural instinct allowing him to hunt and track like an animal
  • while the moon is out his claws shimmer with a silver energy enhancing their power

Bryan is a big guy who lives by himself much to his dismay, but he has friends who come to his house every week to play role-playing games and hang out with him, he has a fairly meh attitude on the outside but is fairly depressed about how his life is going on the inside, on the day of the meteor shower January 22nd, it was a normal saturday, meaning his friends had come over for playing games, but the night was interrupted when a meteor hit right outside his house, his home was destroyed, and everyone was knocked out, but fortunatly no one was hurt, on that day Bryan like his friends gained super powers, his power allowed him to enter a beastial state where he grew larger, stronger and faster ontop of that his senses increased and he gained a super human regeneration factor. Also his physical apperance altered his skin darkened, toughened and he grew a long full head of hair! also claws and fangs, but mainly HAIR! later Bryan discovered that his powers were greatly enhanced by the presence of the moon.


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