Ace is a 21 year old young man, 6'0 tall with 2" long short curly hair, bushy beard, hazel eyes, with a fat build


Ace gained the power to manipulate light from the meteor shower, on top of that his eyes mutated allowing him to perceive different spectrum of light and perceive multiple directions at one.


  • The ability to focus light into powerful lasers to cut or burn
  • the ability to alter light to create visual illusions
  • Ace’s Eys mutated to have multiple pupils around his main pupil growing in the iris of his eye increasing his visual radious and allowing him to perceive different spectrum of light, when combined with light bending ace can see in multiple directions and or areas.
  • along with his eyes Ace’s brain also altered allowing ace to handle so much sight at once also giving him a photographic memory.
  • Ace also became immune to the harmful energys of light radiation

Something of an Otaku/nerd Ace spent most of his time home watching anime and playing role playing games with his friends, he felt lost in life not knowing what he would do in the future, but when the day of the meteor shower came he gained the ability to manipulate light radiation and perceive it better, being able to focus it into high powered lasers to cut and destroy or to create visual illusions, among other light related or visual powers. with these powers Ace wanted to embrace the life of a super hero, along with his friends, Ace has a high sense of morality but sometimes it seems he bends it in ways to make him look better, he doesn’t do it on purpose and he thinks about it often, trying to be better, but the friends he has don’t look at things the way he does, they aren’t wrong but just not as right as he wants, he constantly battles with right and wrong and whether or not he himself is a good person, confused or not some of his moral code is set in stone, he will protect his friends and family even with his life, or at least he hopes when the time comes, he will.


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