We Are Super Heroes

Safeway Rumble

January 1st, the team decides to continue training, but this time with a little more zest, Les and Ace spar with each other with powers blazing in the Lair, but due to Les’s superior speed, Ace was defeated, hard, too hard in fact, Les didn’t realize his own strength and put Ace in critical condition, but in the heat of the moment Les discovered his powers could be used to heal. Training continued through the day and the next, but on the second night the group realized that they had no food so the went out to Safeway to get some groceries. Immersed in the joys of food hunting the party did not notice a group of people enter safeway, the group was normal enough looking except they had the look of tweakers about them, the new group turned out to be drug users who had discovered a new drug called Splice that gave them super powers, the super tweakers tried to rob the joint but our team stopped them, after interrogating one of the druggies we discovered that a mexican man named Rabbit was the local supplier and he was in shelton.



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