We Are Super Heroes

Meeting Doctor Splice

The party heads out to Seattle to find the location of the meet, though now 2 members short as Les’s son was hospitalized due to a currently unknown sickness. they will arrive at the abandoned warehouse at 10pm, inside 4 high splicers with Warrior splice, which is a cocktail of brute splice, life splice and sense splice, on top of that these aren’t any regular thugs, all were ex-marines or body guards, on top of these 4 3 gangs are meeting here to gain the splice the Guatemalan gang el diablos, the black gang Black Chains, and an Asian gang with no name, these 3 gangs are decent movers of the stuff but are by no means the best, but Doctor splice doesn’t think hes ready to be playing with the big boys yet, each gang consist of about 5 people making 15 armed thugs none of them have splice, but the high splicers have 3 suitcases of Splice, and the thugs have about $5000 between the 3 of them, the party can deal with this in what ever way they choose, but violence will probably come into it, if the players get a chance to interrogate any one the thugs know very little other than they were here to buy splice from the Doctor, the High splicers on the other hand know where Dr. Splice lives.

Safeway Rumble

January 1st, the team decides to continue training, but this time with a little more zest, Les and Ace spar with each other with powers blazing in the Lair, but due to Les’s superior speed, Ace was defeated, hard, too hard in fact, Les didn’t realize his own strength and put Ace in critical condition, but in the heat of the moment Les discovered his powers could be used to heal. Training continued through the day and the next, but on the second night the group realized that they had no food so the went out to Safeway to get some groceries. Immersed in the joys of food hunting the party did not notice a group of people enter safeway, the group was normal enough looking except they had the look of tweakers about them, the new group turned out to be drug users who had discovered a new drug called Splice that gave them super powers, the super tweakers tried to rob the joint but our team stopped them, after interrogating one of the druggies we discovered that a mexican man named Rabbit was the local supplier and he was in shelton.

What should we do? (second session)
  • Stopped bank robbers
  • stole a little of the banks money
  • went after high level drug lords in town.
  • accomplished little
  • Jared passed out from lack of sleep and attacked medical personal, but had a vision of something trying to save him from the darkness.
Meteor fall (first session)

January 22nd, Ace, Les, Brieanna and Nathan had driven to Bryans house for a normal day of hanging out and playing rpgs. but that night meteors fell from the sky, one meteor hit the pond not 30 feet away from the house, the impact of the meteor destroyed Bryans house and knocked everyone out but miraculously everyone survived.

When everyone came too it was early morning and they could still see some meteors raining down around them, some far and some close, everyone was flabbergasted by the occurrence and the fact that the house they were in was destroyed but they were fine. Eventually the group discovered that they had gained super powers (will elaborate after i remember how it happened) and that the meteor had technology inside of it, mainly a screen playing a video, but the video was broken and they could only hear garbled gibberish, the only thing they made out was something about “the darkness coming”. The group dismissed the message though and began to mess around with their powers. Later that day they headed out into town only to discover that it was empty except for cooky cutter replicas of people. After some time the group realized they were in a dream reality some one with meteor powers created, having meteor powers themselves protected them from the eerie mind alteration and reality control that the normal people were under and with the help of the dreamers own troubled mind they brought him down and locked him in a dreamless sleep. Not wanting to kill him and not knowing who could control him, they stole and set up a make shift hospital bed and drugs to keep him unconcious in their lair.

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